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Note: our lab's IRB protocol number is IRB19-0503

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  • EMG
  • Saliva Analysis

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Would you like to make this a walk-in study?
What is this?

If your study is an individual study that can be fully run by the HDSL RAs, you can make it a walk-in study. This will make it much easier to recruit participants because people do not have to pre-plan, they do it at their own time, and there are no show-up fees involved. When creating the study on Sona, make sure to add ‘Harvard Decision Science Laboratory’ as a researcher

Would you like to make this an on-reserve study?
What is this?

If your study can be fully run by the HDSL RAs but has requirements that can limit availability (room availability, RA presence, equipment availability, etc), you can list it as on-reserve. This will make it easier to recruit participants as RAs will be able to run the study for participants opportunistically. When creating the study on Sona, make sure to add ‘Harvard Decision Science Laboratory’ as a researcher.

Would you like to make this a LabU Study?
What is this?

Designed to quickly recruit Harvard undergraduates, LabU brings studies to student hubs like libraries and dorms. Typically, we recruit over 250 undergrad participants in a couple of hours.

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How much time (in minutes) will you need before each session?

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How much time (in minutes) will you need after each session?

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  • As soon as possible
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    (We are trying to share best practices amongst different Harvard-affiliated researchers. The following questions are for helping future researchers interested in using similar equipment/software as you.)

    Are you receiving any services to complete your study (such as transcription, hormone analysis, video editing)? If so, please share with us the vendor/friend:



    Is there any Non-HDSL equipment required for your study?

    Non-HDSL equipment:

    Ownership status:


    Acknowledgement of responsibility

    I affirm that I will recognize and name "Harvard Decision Science Lab (HDSL)" in any materials I produce related to research I conduct at the lab, including presentations, papers, and articles. This helps us spread the word about the lab and ensure that we can best serve the research community.*
    I have read, understand, and agree to abide by Harvard's security policies.*
    I understand I must check with the financial contact for my funding source before processing payments at HDSL.*
    I understand that no study in this lab can use deception.*
    What is deception?

    Deception is any circumstance under which the participant in an expriment is misled or misinformed about the study they are taking part in. For instance, if the participant believes they are interacting with a fellow participant, when in reality they are interacting with a trained researcher, this would constitute deception. The HDSL prohibits the use of deception in all the studies it conducts.

    I understand that each member of my research team will need to complete CITI certification prior to working with subjects in the lab.*